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Rich Media Content for the Internet must be extremely data-compact and the UI design well optimized, for the sake of those internet viewers who are accessing your website using either Mobile Phone, SmartPhone, low-bandwidth wireless services, or surfing the net via a land-line phone and 56K modem. This includes viewers living in outlying areas, those who are traveling, SmartPhone Users, Wireless PDA and UMPC users, Netbook and Notebook users, web surfers in other areas with no cable or DSL infrastructure, viewers using older computer systems and technologies, viewers who can't afford DSL service or digital cable service, and recently, iPhone, Google Android and Mobile Web Surfers, just to name a few common groups of low-bandwidth users.

Website Media for KDS Visual Sensations Branding

Website Media can be optimized through creative design/programming and knowledge of how data streams over the internet allows us to provide our clients with the most X!Factor possible using 56K/sec connections that transfer 6KB per second! The 60 frame KDS animation shown above was optimized from a 324KB screensaver down to less than 48KB for demonstration on this website.

Of the other rich media elements on this page, the 3D painter's palette on the left is less than 8KB, the MindTaffy Logo animation at the top left is 16KB, totalling 72KB with the 48KB screensaver animation. The initial load time for this particular webpage, at 80KB of code, text, work sample and graphics, is around 9 seconds on a 56KB modem. Each subsequent page loads via modem in 3-6 seconds, depending on the content, which makes this site very useable on a modem or wireless connection. Also note that on the server side of the equation that my server only has to serve 992KB to dole out my entire 64 page printable website.