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MindTaffy's Website Designs leverage the client brand and product marketing objectives, as well as creating an interesting user-interface design that makes the webpage easy to use and enjoyable to explore. These important objectives are accomplished within a progressive coding and image optimization work-process that yields small file sizes, fast data transfer via modem, and cross-platform compatibility.

SONY Internet Explorer Based D vs. A Product Demo User Interface

Mind Taffy browser-based i3D multimedia design is compelling enough that it is often utilized by our clients in off-line scenarios as well as on the web.

For example, SONY's Digital-VS-Analog product demonstration software (it's floating user interface can be seen above) needed to be viewable everywhere, so we hand-coded the multimedia software using DHTML for popular web browsers that are freely distributable. Since a web browser can be used when it is not connected to the internet, SONY's Sales Team could freely utilize this software anytime, anyplace, and the software could still be utilized on the internet, due to it's optimized file size and lack of dependence on external plug-ins for added wow!factor and functionality.

Our website designs for on-line and off-line, mobile phone and smartphone internet usage leverage the way the internet works by streaming very small, hand-coded files, and only when needed, to "grow" the user experience as the web surfer navigates the website UI [user interface]. In this way, the webpage can be browsed via telephone modem or cellular telephone network, with good response times, and an intriguing visual experience. We can also optimize audio, MIDI, ipTV, DV, i3D and 3D animation for websites that are high in wow!factor, but which are less than a megabyte of total file size (like this website). Compare this to data-heavy DV or Flash files which can be measured in megabytes or gigabytes, and don't work effectively via low bandwidth.