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Web Based Training or WBT is one of the hottest trends in education today, as the digital environments that support it continue to proliferate. Training can even be accomplished these days on handheld PDAs and cellular phones, as well as via CD-ROM, DVD, ipTV, Kiosk, Digital Video, i3D, e-Signage, i3D Screensavers and over the internet. High color fidelity and CD quality audio allow modern day digital training multimedia to be both complex and compelling, focused and fun, and content organization can be visualized using 3D UI [user interface] controls to make UX (User eXperience) and content exploration easier. See JavaFX3D.com for examples!

Sony Trinitron Technology Tutor User Interface

The visual impact of MindTaffy i3D WBT cannot be underestimated. For example, the Edutainment website we created for Sony's Trinitron Brand. A data-compact 384KB Shockwave3D website featured a 3D, skinnable, draggable user interface [UI] that allowed web surfers to explore Sony's amazingly accurate electron scanning and rasterizing technology at the electron level, complete with 3D simulations of electrons emmitting linearly from the Trinitron's electron gun.

Interactive 3D [i3D] versions of the Trinitron Technology Tutor were also created in Cult3D and Java, allowing users to actually play with 3D components of Trinitron Technology. For instance, one could waggle the electron gun and effect the stream of electrons, much like water flowing out of a hose. Modern day math, programming, physics and 3D can virtualize any product or technology with great precision and photo-realism, making i3D a perfect fit for WBT.