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Mind Taffy Virtual World Content Development is a natural fit with our prior decade experience in delivering i3D content to the leading international brands and manufacturers. Due to our unique i3D content development work process, which yields an extremely small data footprint, Mind Taffy Designed virtual reality rich media yeilds the client a high visual impact, fun to use User Interace (UI) and compelling User Experience (UX). Intuitive 3D UI and UX Design combined with smooth virtual world navigation and smooth 3D object animation allow us to create both product demonstration and brand marketing experiences within the same VR new media.

Animated Knife

CTX International hired Mind Taffy Design to create virtual worlds to render as 3D imagery for their Digital Displays, LCD Projectors and Notebook Products. MindTaffy created all 3D assets, landscapes, terrains, spaceships, logos, animation and special effects for CTX multimedia product demos which ran under the Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT and XP Operating Systems. We optimized the 48-bit color virtual world graphics down to 24-bit color imagery that clearly demonstrated the quality and capability of the CTX Displays, Projectors, PCs and Laptops.

Retail Digital Signage can now harness the power and interactivity of Virtual World environments and MMORPG to provide viewers with infinitely more compelling digital product interactions and branded e-Signage end-user experiences.

Internet use of Virtual Worlds technology can now be in-browser (ala Java3D and JavaFX), via on-PC environment (ala SecondLife) or even inside social media e-mail such as the new Google Wave. Wherever your business objectives take you in this futuristic world of Virtual Reality (VR), Mind Taffy Design has the certifications and experience to deliver i3D VR under any of the popular virtual worlds development paradigms, including VastPark, SecondLife, Java3D, JavaFX, MyCosm or Acrobat3D.