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Mind Taffy Virtual World Design can bring multiple users in to the Virtual Worlds and MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer On-line Role Playing Game) revolution via stunning landscapes, avatars, interactive 3D products, photoreal atmospherics, complex musical scores, 3D sound effects, game-like interactivity, streaming video and advanced special effects such as particle systems and real-world physics simulation.

Virtual Worlds for the NEXIO HandPC

Since at Mind Taffy Design we scratch-code all of our virtual reality content productions, we can easily assimilate virtual world features that are in every virtual world paradigm. For instance, we are certified developers for Google, Oracle, VastPark, MyCosm, Bryce, Torque and speaking with Unreal, and looking into several Virtual World Development Environments for which we are currently in beta.

Mind Taffy Design can deliver virtual reality rich media content and compelling 3D user interfaces using all of the popular new media software packages supporting virtual reality, mixed reality, i3D and MMORPG. Additionally, we can scratch code custom software for a hand-spun VR solution using any number of popular development environments, including: C#, .NET, Java, Java3D, JavaFX, JavaSpeech, Lingo, JavaScript, XHTML, X3D, VRML, SilverLight, Flash, Acrobat, Acrobat3D, Python, pHp, Perl, SQL, LISP, XML and IMML. Virtual World environments can be leveraged for branding campaigns, advertising, multi-player games, product demonstrations, e-Signage, e-Learning, Retail, Tradeshows, etc.