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Virtual Worlds Branding: Samsung Nexio

Virtual Worlds Branding is the latest high-tech branding vehicle, especially for the younger demographics. Over 50% of teens and tweens visit virtual worlds, with that number projected to go up to 90% in the next few years. Virtual worlds can now be experienced via PC, Laptop, NetBook, PDA, SmartPhone, UMPC, MobilePhone, Game Console, Notebook, TabletPC, Touchscreen e-Signage; all in real-time, HDTV quality.

Samsung Electronics hired Mind Taffy Design to create the Nexio HandPC as a virtual product in a virtual environment, as well as all of the rich media demo content and 3D User Interface [UI] for Tradeshow and POS product demos for their vanguard Nexio Wireless HandPC Brand. This multimedia content was optimized to assist in interactive product marketing and identity branding at tradeshows and expositions, for press demonstrations, use in Sales Presentations and Retail POP product demonstrations. It can be viewed currently on our www.JavaFX3D.com website.

Virtual Worlds Branding New Media

As you can see at the right, our 16-bit color graphics for the Nexio telescoping UI exhibit a truecolor quality, providing amazing user interface animation, tangible X!Factor and visual awe for Samsung's cool new Nexio wireless HandPC. In fact, it makes the Nexio look like it has a 24-bit LCD display.