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Mind Taffy Design has created Virtual World 3D Content since the early 1990s. Our two decade long experience creating 3D content using Autodesk 3D Studio MAX positions us perfectly for the major Virtual Worlds Content Development paradigms, all of which utilize Autodesk 3DS MAX as their promary 3D content creation platform.

3D Pink Flamingo in Virtual World

Mind Taffy Design is currently in development on E-HWY.com, a virtual worlds MMORPG that allows it's users to drive over virtual roads and highways using real-world products such as branded automobiles, motorcycles, GPS navigation products, fast food outlets, and much, much more. This website and virtual world experience is targeted for launch in 2010.

Sony Electronics hired Mind Taffy Design to create virtual world environments for use in the promotion and demonstration of their line of professional Trinitron LCD, CRT, Plasma and RPTV display products. MindTaffy Design created all of the 3D models, landscapes, terrains, buildings, texture maps, 3D animation and i3D program logic necessary to bring all of these highly visual virtual world assets to life.

Samsung Electronics brought in Mind Taffy Design artisans to create virtual world assets for use in their tradeshow and retail promotion of their Nexio Brand Handheld PC. MindTaffy created all 3D VR assets as well as a 3D User Interface (UI) and User eXperience (UX) for the digital product demonstration new media.

Korean Data Systems leveraged Mind Taffy Design talents to create virtual worlds new media for their KDS Visual Sensations Branding and Advertising campaign, which included lifesize 3D posters, 3D Screensavers, 3D website, virtual product demos, retail POS/POP rich media, salesforce product demo tools and software, and tradeshow multimedia.