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Viral New Media is the future of high-impact, far-reaching digital advertising and branding campaigns for PC, mobile, e-mail and internet.

Our high-quality, low-data-footprint new media allows our clients to send an unmatched visual, interactive product simulation or technology demonstration via compact E-Mail attachment, using industry standard file format such as Adobe Acrobat3D PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC) or PowerPoint (PPT).

New Media E-Mail is destined to become one of the most significant avenues for brand promotion and product marketing, especially now, with the advent of Google Buzz. This new rich media e-mail paradigm will allow fantastic visual, audio and animated campaigns to be delivered quickly and virally.

We use no plug-ins for our e-mail rich media production, and use i3D, video, animation and image formats that are already supported within the browser and e-mail software and are open source. We can optimize new media designs to exact a 200% to 1000% reduction in filesize, yielding faster network throughput, higher chance of successful reception and smoother viewing, and lower monthly server-data-transferred charges. In fact, the reduction in data transfer charges for our high data volume clientele (our international brand clientele) will more than offset the cost of our data optimization.