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The Key to Viral new media marketing is to leverage the "client-side" (the viewing device hardware, whether it be PC, Mobile, PDA, Game Console or Set-Top Box). The 3D Engine inside Intel's ATOM processor (PDAs, SmartPhones, PCs), and in every PC and Game Console, can be controlled via code and text data, allowing extensive new media creations to be crafted using mere Kilobytes of data.

Viral Content Delivery Paradigms are currently being offered by the four biggest companies in the computer industry today. Adobe Acrobat 3D PDF is the perfect choice for viral campaigns due to it's standardized format and new media capabilities. Oracle (Sun) JavaFX allows applications to be delivered in browser, on desktop and via mobile, smartphone and set-top box (TV) environments. Google Buzz is poised to revolutionize new media e-mail, which is inherently viral. JavaFX, PowerPoint & Word can all do i3D and be used in viral campaigns.

AdverGaming represents a fusion of the passion for gaming in today's digital society and the pervasive digital technology everywhere you look. There is no more enjoyable way, for the client as well as for the end-viewer, for knowledge to be assimilated than in the form of an enjoyable i3D e-signage or on-line game.