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Viral New Media Campaigns are characterized by the user to user pass-along of the new media branding campaign, usually by forwarding an e-mail and/or attachment.

Viral is Cost Effective because your new media branding campaign is sent around from user to user using other corporate servers (Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Google, etc.) where people keep their personal e-mail accounts. Thus there are no costs for bandwidth as there are on server-based and web-based new media campaigns.

Adobe Acrobat PDF file format is an ideal content publishing format as it is the standard document format worldwide and now supports incredible new media content capabilities. Mind Taffy Design has been delivering self-contained (viral) new media using Acrobat 3D .PDF, Microsoft Windows .SCR screensavers, and other new media cross platform (Browser-Desktop-Mobile-SetTop) rich media formats such as JavaFX for well over a decade. Mobile Phones and SmartPhones will be the next frontier for viral new media campaigns that are highly optimized for low-bandwidth networks. Mind Taffy Design is currently delivering mobile phone new media and mobile websites optimized to 320x480 SmartPhone screen resolution.

MindTaffy's Viral Campaign Design began in 1997 with the advent of the launch of the KDS Brand "Visual Sensations" via print media (3D posters), tradeshow and retail media (product demos), internet media (website) and viral new media (three 250KB 3D screensavers). The screensavers have worked perfectly on every version of Windows from 3.1 through 95/98, through 2K and XP, and now under Vista and soon under Windows 7.0.

Tyco Electronics hired Mind Taffy Design to create two HD touchscreen brandgames, supporting True HD resolutions, in a mere 2MB of data footprint each. These BrandGames could be sent around from dealer to dealer, salesperson to salesperson, and customer to customer, interactively demonstrate ELOtouch touchscreens in a fun and impressive fashion.