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Viral Branding can be accomplished via a myriad of digital new media avenues these days, and can be effective if the imagery is visually impactive and the user interaction is cleverly designed. The smaller the data-footprint of the new media campaign, the more viral it will be, as people are more inclined to "impose" smaller files upon others.

The Future of viral branding lies in interactive new media applications such as BrandGames, Branded Screensavers, Branded e-Books, Acrobat 3D .PDFs containing Virtual Properties, Google Buzz New Media e-Mail, SmartPhone Android apps, iPhone Apps, Mobile Phone Branded Website Experiences (Opera), e-MailCards & i3D.

Viral Branding of Visual Sensations Brand for KDS

KDS USA approached Mind Taffy Design artisans to create the new media branding campaign for both analog (print) and digital environments for their successful Visual Sensations HD Display product line. Some of the deliverables were used for viral branding, due to highly optimized content that fit into Kilobytes of data overhead rather than Megabytes. The 3D animation shown above, created in Autodesk 3D Studio MAX, was optimized to 256KB truecolor (shown here in 48KB of indexed color) and coded as a Screensaver series (3 different screensavers) that can be downloaded worldwide in only 750KB, or 1 to 2 minutes via phone modem connection! Other rich media components of our digital branding campaign for KDS included: 3D Posters, Website Design, .PDFs and 3D High-Resolution Product Demonstration Software.

Current Viral Branding Projects include an i3D e-Learning and Product Simulation of "The Source," a home theater and home audio control unit from Proficient Audio, rich media content for the viral branding of MyHDTVclub (now that we've finished the website), a Virtual World, BrandGame & Mobile and Corporate Websites for the Jerkin' Dance Movie, The Mountain-Forest Coffee website and mobile apps and viral branding new media for Mobile Phone websites www.CelCards.com and www.PhonePosters.com.