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User Interface Design for Sony Trinitron Campaign

User Interface Design is an important part of the User Experience (UX), as it defines the useability of new media campaigns and rich internet applications (RIA). The better the UI Design, the quicker the UX will "peak." Why? With a well-designed GUI, an end-user is able to achieve their objective within a short amount of time. Great UI Design will allow a user to navigate the content effortlessly.

User Experience Memorability is another important factor of User Interface Design, as a fun to use UI can make the memory of the overall user experience a vivid one. With all of the new media elements afforded by publishing technologies such as Acrobat PDF, JavaFX, Google Wave, Opera Mobile, web browsers, e-Signage set-top boxes, SmartPhones, PDAs, Netbooks and Game Consoles, a high wow!factor UI Design, such as seen here on the right, is a must.

The Final Ingredient to a great user interface design is a compressed data footprint. Nowhere is this more evident than in set-top box (TV & e-Signage) user interface design, where a photoreal, truecolor, animated UI and program logic has a limited amount of memory (ROM) to exist and operate within. We create Set-Top UI via Java, Opera & Linux, all open source, with real-time, animated GUIs just like those we create via Android OS for Tablets.

MyHDTVinc.com music industry producers approached Mind Taffy Design to design User Interfaces and User Experience for it's new Mobile ipTV Live Concert Streaming website, games and mobile apps.

User Interface Designs created by Mind Taffy can be seen in numerous brand content projects for Sony (Trinitron, shown here), Samsung (Nexio), Tyco (ELOtouch), KDS (Visual Sensations), Nanao (EIZO), TEAC (SuperQUAD), CTX, Nokia, Dell, IBM, Micron and Epson.