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User Experience Design, also known as UX Design, is optimized via a number of important factors, including accessibility, navigation ease, interactivity, engagement, immersion, education and entertainment. Design all of these attributes into your digital new media campaign, and your user will have a compelling user experience.

For a user to even have an experience in your digital rich media branding, marketing, e-Signage or e-Learning campaign, it must be accessible. These days that translates to compatibility. On the internet, this means your content should render the same in every browser, and on every platform. Check the Statistics section (Click: HOME) of this site to see how accessible our site is, and in which browsers it has been tested.

Navigation Ease is based on two important factors: Design and Speed. User Interface Design is tantamount to a successful digital campaign, as the content must be stratified logically and be where the user would expect it to be. Speed is important because the User Experience (UX) is damaged when the user is forced to wait long periods of time for the digital media to arrive and be displayed on the PC or Mobile Phone. We design content for speed even via modem, cellular, wireless and satellite networks; unlike Flash or DV content, our new media appears when a user asks for it!

Interactivity is key in bringing the user into the branded experience itself. The digital signage industry is seeing this and have adopted TouchScreen e-Signage, because users don't just want to be "fed" linear content, but instead wish to be in control of their user experience via interactive (non-linear) rich media content. Interactivity can greatly increase the potential of any new media campaign when it comes to the engagement of the target viewership, because the content can now "react" to the end-user's selections or queries, via program logic "inside" the new media content.

Immersion is the latest digital "tool" that can bolster user experience significantly. VR allows a user to be inside a 3D environment, allowing more realistic educational simulations, and modern "gamer" photorealism to heighten your entertainment value.