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Tyco Electronics: In 2007 and 2008 we created two i3D HD TouchScreen BrandGames in 2MB of data footprint each that used the HD TouchScreen Display for interactive gameplay, which had never been done before in TouchScreen E-Signage.

Western Digital: Our first international client was the inventor of the hard disk drive, and nearly two decades ago we created the Caviar brand hard disk drive via 3D.

SRS Labs: We were retained to create the 3D logo brand animation that showcases SRS 3D audio processing (in a 10 second intro) for digital media properties (DVD, Film, Game, Audio) that use SRS technology to project the brand into the market.

IBM: We created CD-ROM for IBM featuring XGA, SXGA & UXGA multimedia product demos which were distributed to the sales team for use in the IBM display sales.

Compaq: Mind Taffy Design created XGA through UXGA truecolor multimedia digital signage product demos that featured several advanced 3D animations, some of which leveraged special effects such as particle systems and real-world physics dynamics.

DELL: MTD compiled hi-rez truecolor multimedia product demos which demonstrated the display product technical capabilities of the Dell Personal Computer Displays.

Micron: MindTaffy created truecolor multimedia content which matched the high-definition, high-contrast capabilities of Micron's 17" - 21" UXGA Trinitron Displays.

Sun Microsystems: Mind Taffy Design produced truecolor rich media graphics and 3D animations which showed-off the High Definition and color capabilities of Sun's UXGA Trinitron Displays in digital signage situations such as tradeshows and retail.

Digital Equipment: DEC hired Mind Taffy to create original multimedia for the Alpha 64-bit CPU product demo, launch and branding at the Comdex tradeshow. This included custom 3D animation, programming, networking, audio, graphics, UI & UX.