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Tradeshow Multimedia can be an important factor in pulling show attendees into your booth. It can also aid in demonstrating the positive attributes of your product or service both on the tradeshow floor, and, if produced correctly, on the internet.

EIZO Tradeshow Multimedia

Nanao Corporation in Japan (now known as EIZO) hired Mind Taffy Design to create HD resolution multimedia used to promote and re-Brand their corporate name change from Nanao to EIZO, which means "Vision" in Japanese. MindTaffy created dozens of rich media visuals, including the animation of pools of liquid polymer with colored ripples of brilliant hues afforded by and displayed on EIZO's high-end high definition CRT and LCD display products.

Leading-Edge Tradeshow Marketing is now a reality in the 21st century, with HD projectors, TouchScreen and MultiTouch HD LCD displays, affordable PCs, 24-bit HD audio, wireless networking, and new data input/output devices including RFID, TouchScreen, viewer Motion Detection, content-triggered Scent release, to name a few. Interactive Tradeshow Multimedia needs to exhibit a compelling look and feel and an intuitive design in order to be effective at pulling in users. The User Interface (shown below) for the Sony Digital VS. Analog Display Product Demonstration Software allows easy control of the rich media that allows users to preview the differences in analog displays and the newer digital display connector format.

Sony Electronics Tradeshow Marketing Multimedia