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Technical Support Training often involves a real-time update of a knowledge-base relating to trouble-shooting product problems. This is a specialty area of training media, as a real-time database application must be written "underneath" the UI application that the Tech Support Specialists utilize during their workday. A tech support application could even conceivably be a game, where users gain points or powers for becoming technically savvy about the product.

MindTaffy uses public domain software such as IE, Safari, Opera, Flock, Firefox, JavaFX, MySQL, XML and Php to deliver rich media training content that can be distributed freely amongst our client tech support teams, as well as utilized worldwide without any fear of legal reprisal. Software hand-coded in any of these core-level languages runs faster, streams over the internet more quickly, and maintains a smaller data footprint in the end-user PC memory and less hard disk space. Add in a visually impactive and fun-to-use "front-end" UI and UX from MindTaffy, and you're ready for the tech support training staff to help the user-base! Using 3D Avatars, your tech support team could even be virtualized.

Training Avatar

Avatars such as our 3D Aussie Cowboy shown on the right can put a familiar face on your website or in-store e-Signage multimedia. The avatar could even be combined with the game concept mentioned above; when applications are coded at the lowest levels, anything the mind can imagine can be virtualized photorealistically via sumptuous Mind Taffy Design digital media content. Virtual Products can be created using i3D technology that technically trains and supports end-users via interaction with the virtual product itself.