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MindTaffy iTV Production

We are interested in projects that need to really stand apart from the "norm," both in their graphic design as well as in their technological savvy. We will create digital new media that pushes new boundaries for product demonstration, product marketing, branding, e-Learning, e-Signage, virtual worlds, virtual products, and technology visualization, using emerging digital avenues such as iTV, Stereoscopic 3D, wireless, i3D, PDA, UMPC, Internet and e-Signage. We utilize the following information in assembling our multimedia content production project proposals and quotations:

  • Company Information: Name, Address, Phone, Fax, E-mails, Contact Names
  • Product or Service Information: Product Lines and/or Services Offered
  • Project Delivery Method: Web, iTV, iDVD, Mobile, PDA, Game, Java, Screensaver
  • Project Type: Game, Product Demo, Interactive3D, UI Design, iTV App, Mobile App
  • Project Focus: Ad, Branding, Marketing, Promo, Education, Training, PR, eSignage
  • Target Streaming Media Technology: WMV, Flash, QT, VP6, OGG Theora, H.264
  • Target i3D Technology: Java3D, Atmosphere, VET, VRML, X3D, Cult3D, Acrobat3D
  • Target iTV Technology: JavaTV, GoogleTV, MSTV, AppleTV, Roku, Rovi, OCAP
  • Project Objectives: Increase sales, educate users, train employees, branding, etc.
  • Secondary Objectives: Promote brand, X!Factor, outshine competitors
  • Project Specifications: Deadlines, Budget, Contingency Allowances
  • Technical Objectives: Process Integration, Existing Infrastructures
  • Upon written request, Mind Taffy Design can assemble a detailed quotation for multimedia and i3D production. If your corporation needs a quote for a multimedia project, simply submit the above information to Mind Taffy Design at our e-mail address and we will assemble a detailed written project proposal and quotation.