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Simulation Training using Interactive 3D, or i3D, employs the most advanced mobile and PC technologies and digital production techniques, but also achieves the highest level of 3D realism, trainee interaction, feedback response and e-Learning success available today. We have simulated technologies as minute as the electron level (Sony Trinitron) for e-Learning, as well as a the molecular level (Arabinogalactin Molecule), the circuit/module level (Proficient Audio The Source), the product level (Samsung Nexio), the property level (commercial real estate architectural simulations), and even on a network level (wireless network touchscreen games) and on a global level (satellite systems visualization). If it can exist, Mind Taffy Design can simulate it, interactively and/or as animation, utilizing the latest and most pervasive digital technologies available on Game Console, Mobile Platform, Browsers, and PC Desktop.

Simulation Training: Product Installation

Mind Taffy Design was approached in 2009 by a home theater product distribution company who wanted to train their installers on how to wire and install one of the popular home audio and home theater products called "The Source" from Proficient Audio. In less than 400KB of total data footprint (a 397KB PDF) MindTaffy delivered a virtual product, "How-To-Install" e-Learning animations, a 3D user interface, 2D graphics, and all of the program logic that controls the UI, UX, Camera, Animations, and the Product e-Learning Simulation.

The impact of i3D visualization should not be underestimated. Once a customer has immersively "visualized" how your product or technology functions, they are more likely to consider using it for themselves, and they are able to describe it better to others. This viral phenomenon is known as "word of mouth" marketing, and it is driven by the X-factor of the e-Learning rich media, in addition to conveying training knowledge in an organized, interactive and interesting way.