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Training the Sales Force used to require expensive printed materials and possibly travel to a training location. Now, in the age of digital media, costs can be greatly reduced via internet-based training, and absorbtion effectiveness can be increased by the use of new rich media technologies that immerse the viewer in the training materials. This makes the training far more interesting and fun for the trainee; in fact, the multimedia training materials can even be game-like and include periodic rewards for gains in knowledge. These rewards can be game-related (points) or actual rewards such as TVs, vacations or days off, or some hybrid (point levels = rewards).

Mind Taffy Design can take any existing training materials and e-Learning rich media properties and enhance them to create compelling 3D content and a UI that will more clearly demonstrate the training concept at hand within a vastly smaller data footprint. We use the latest i3D technologies, and we code using popular technologies such as JavaFX, Silverlight, JavaScript, XHTML, XML, Shockwave, Flash & X3D.

Sony Digital-VS-Analog User Interface

The SONY Digital versus Analog Display Trainer helped Sony's Branded LCD Displays salesforce to effectively demonstrate the fine visual differences between older analog input displays and the newer digital input displays. This "eye training" application was written for Internet Explorer using JavaScript and DHTML, and ran on a dual display (one connected via analog, one via digital) at SXGA on each display (2560 by 1024 total e-Signage resolution). The UI shown below was draggable into either analog or digital display, and controlled both the genre of imagery that was being displayed as well as upon which monitor (analog or digital "swap image" feature) it was displayed. The 3D UI | UX design and custom code came in at only a few hundred kilobytes; useable on the web via modem, as well as at tradeshows.