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The Current Revolution in retail product marketing and brand promotion involves the deployment of visually impactive electronic digital media within the retail environment.

This usually shows up in the form of New Media e-Signage, usually located near the Point of Sale or Point of Purchase. The future of retail digital signage is TouchScreen and now Multi-Touch technology, which allows more than one user to interact with the eSignage.

Other multimedia, such as counter-top interactive product demonstration applications or brandgames are also becoming increasingly common in retail brand promotion, providing end-user training, edutainment and product marketing all within the same digital equation.

Some retail stores are starting to network e-Signage, taking advantage of centralized new media deployment with higher visibility through an increased number of e-signs that can communicate with each other, allowing for in-store, real-time, multiple player, multiple locale BrandGames that can pull in more customers. iTV Design is another avenue.

The future of retail multimedia X!Factor includes sleek counter-top new media featuring custom content, Interactive 3D Product Simulations, 3D & HD audio, mobile phone capable content, hidden projectors, in-store kiosks, iTV and i3D brandGames.