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Mind Taffy Design Virtual Worlds Content for Retail is a great way to provide immersive, interactive new media content for the e-Signage within your retail environment. Since the content is Virtual, products can be virtualized for Point of Sale Product Demonstration, Point of Purchase E-Learning, or common area e-Signage that's interactive rather than broadcast (linear or looping).

One of the reasons Virtual Worlds and MMORPG Content is so effective is because the retail customers are immersing in, interacting with, and effecting the outcome of the brand and product marketing messages in real-time, in the form of an entertaining MMORPG or Virtual Product Simulation rich media content. This is far more compelling than the norm in today's digital signage (watching a 2D Flash or Video Loop).

Another advantage of Virtual World Content is it's "viral" nature for martketing, branding, e-Learning and promotion: Once a customer has experienced the virtual world environment, this new media content can and will be revisited later on the internet or on the end-user's PC (via take-home software), or both. This is similar to viral 3D screensavers, in that your rich media content can be "traded" about "off-line," using the customers own copy of your branding virtual world multimedia.

Rich Media for Proficient Audio

Please reach out to us at Mind Taffy Design if your Brand has plans to create data-compact, branded, virtual world rich media content for promoting your brand to the public or demonstrating your product feature set via i3D e-Learning technologies such as: Java3D, JavaFX or Adobe Acrobat 3D. Our most recent 3D product virtualization of the Proficient Audio Source keypad can be seen at the right, and was created for Viral e-Learning in Acrobat 3D 9.1 and for Virtual Worlds website usage in Java3D.