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Retail Touchscreen Displays require Multimedia Content that leverages what the touchscreen and it's HD display can do for the User Experience.

Trinitron Advantage Website Draggable UI

One of the most popular tools for creating counter top multimedia is Adobe ShockwaveFlash, a tool for rich media development that has been around for more than eleven versions (Shockwave 11.5). An example of an i3D application created using Shockwave3D via ShockwaveFlash is the Sony Trinitron Technology Tutor (TTT), which was created by Mind Taffy Design in 1999 using only 384KB of code and 3D data, and was deployed by Sony on the web, as well as via a stand-alone application (2MB .exe available upon request). The UI can be seen on the right in a 16KB 3D image.

The latest revolution in new media software to utilize for retail touchscreen displays is also from Adobe and a far more popular and universal format: .PDF. Adobe Acrobat 3D is an even more impressive technology that Shockwave and a far more universal file format. Imagine your customer walking away from the in-store interactive presentation with that very i-presentation in Acrobat PDF file format. Simply Amazing.

Mind Taffy Design has created custom, brand-specific retail digital signage multimedia, webpages and UIs for the past seventeen years for some of the largest international consumer electronics manufacturers, including Sony, Samsung, Nokia, ViewSonic, Mitsubishi, IBM, Epson, Dell, TEAC, Micron, CTX, KDS, EIZO and ADI. MindTaffy has created HD TouchScreen multimedia (brandGames) for Tyco Electronics.