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Point of Sale is a very etherial concept, as we really do not know where exactly the "sale" is made within the buyer's mind. It could be made outside of the store, via advertising, on the internet, or via effective promotion, or anywhere inside of the store, from the merchandise aisles to the dressing rooms to the cash registers. This is one of the reasons that multimedia branding, promotion and advertising is proliferating within all corners of the retail environment. Look at the Kiosk and Digital Signage revolutions, for instance. For the in-store rich media experience to have any impact on the customer within their POS, it must be cleverly designed, have audio and visual impact, and enfranchise the end-viewer within the multimedia experience, hopefully via interactivity so user preferences can be culled and analyzed.

POS Rich Media for Samsung's Nexio HandPC

Point of Purchase is a more quantifiable term, usually meaning at the cash register or check-out area for a given store or department. This is another proven location for rich media electronic displays and for kiosks. The more compelling the rich media content is, the more viewer mindshare our client will garner. Mind Taffy Design makes POS and POP rich media content with Extra-Sensory Sizzle! Sights! Sounds! Smells! 3D! Vibrations! Immersion! User Interaction! Customer Product Feedback Data Collection! POP new media can reinforce brand identity, promote product, outline incentives, demonstrate product features, collect customer feedback, educate & entertain your customers.