Mind Taffy Design : Retail Kiosks

Mind Taffy Design : Retail Kiosks

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Multimedia Content, UX and UI for Kiosks should be succulent enough to catch the eye of the passerby, as well as enticing enough to get the viewer to interact with the kiosk. The content should also be data-compact, to travel easily over the network, and even be compatible with MobilePhones and SmartPhones, as the next generation in kiosks and e-signage involves interfacing with customer mobile devices.

Mind Taffy UI Design - Sony

The most important part of the kiosk is it's User Interface, which allows the content to be accessed in a fast, fun and easy fashion. Many kiosks now use LCD touchscreens, which are more difficult to develop innovative UIs for, as they have a smaller set of supported navigation (mouse) events, and thus touchscreen interactive content requires special program logic. A good example of this arose in our work on Samsung's Nexio HandPC TouchScreen UI (shown below), which Mind Taffy designed specifically for the Nexio touchscreen. Tyco Electronics also hired MindTaffy to create touchscreen user experience for 2 HD i3D BrandGames.

Mind Taffy UI Design - Samsung