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Mind Taffy Immersive 3D Content is photoreal interactive 3D [i3D] representation of your product or technology. This is useful in the retail space for training and educating users as to product features, and can even be entertaining to the viewer, for added brand impact. Since i3D is created using programming logic, data and code, anything the client wants to do, from simulating the product in virtual reality to creating a brandgame involving the product and it's operation, can be accomplished with a ton of X!factor and an exceptionally small data footprint.

Mind Taffy Design virtualized the Log Cabin floorplan shown below in less than 24KB, including all 3D objects, textures, lighting and navigation code. The file represents a four second download on 56K modem connection for a complete interactive 3D cabin simulation. A Flash fly-through of the same cabin would be 24MB or more. i3D is also ideal for "outside the store" retail marketing via the internet. The reason for this is because the i3D data (data/code) is sent over the internet and then "rendered" into interactive 3D imaging data by an OpenGL system. This means that no images, frames, video or animation is sent over the internet; it is all created on the end-user PC using OpenGL.