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Mind Taffy Design Content for In-Store Games is created specifically for the branding and marketing objectives at hand. After extensive meetings with the client brand marketing team to quantify the brand and marketing messages, medium, content, rules, scoring, user interface [UI], and the platform, our programming and content creation process can begin for creating a well-targeted In-Store AdverGame.

Tyco BrandGame

Multimedia Content for AdverGames and BrandGames can be delivered "simultaneously" [in parallel] via multiple platforms and data/file formats, but only if the content developer is utilizing the correct tools and the proper work process. We call this "economies of content development," and we have been offering extraordinary content production value to our international customers for almost two decades now, since early 1991. Since brandgame development requires knowledge of the brand and product marketing roadmap, more significant time interfacing with the product marketing executives and brand executives will be necessary for the games success. A brandgame can contain the product or brand, educate users, promote the brand via scoring, promote the product via the 3D gameplay objects, strengthen the brand during gameplay or via rules; only the imagination knows the boundaries for the creation of an effective brandgame or advergame created for the retail environment (or on the web, or as a virtual world, or virally). There could even be a synergy between the gameplay in the store location and complimentary gameplay (based on codes garnered in the store version) located on the internet or a take-home version.