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Mind Taffy Digital Signage Content is optimized for the HD display technology that is to be utilized to showcase the animated or interactive 3D digital imagery. We have an advantage in the area of e-Signage, as we have created display industry product demonstration multimedia for dozens of the leading display manufacturers, and continue to do so to this day. Our work process is diametric to mainstream drag-n-drop rich media development, and yields a unique look and feel and a data compact result that ensures optimal performance and a positive viewer reception.

We have developed rich media content optimized for most of the popular signage display technologies, including LED, LCD, Plasma, DLP Projector, LCD Projector, CRT, RPTV, LCOS, D-ILA, OLED, TouchScreen, MultiTouch, HDTV and PDA. Our 3D audio development is optimized to the digital signage audio hardware (16 or 24-bit), much as our 2D and 3D data file size is optimized to fit the wireless network bandwidth.

The future of digital signage lies not in it's use to "loop" non-interactive, static or "linear" imagery, but instead in leveraging the full spectrum of display hardware features and rich media production software to truely touch the viewers buttons, so to speak... 3D animation, special effects, professional HD audio fidelity, viewer interaction with the content, media projection, force-feedback vibrations, infra-red data beaming, viewer proximity detection, realistic scent release, and the list goes on and on... Since we scratch-code our rich media digital signage applications, we can assimilate any new hardware technology into any given digital signage experience, yielding our international clientele what is clearly the most cutting-edge retail electronic signage applications. We have partnered with the top manufacturers and installers of digital signage hardware (networks and displays) to ensure that content is developed that will optimize the hardware performance capabilities. If you are involved in electronic signage ownership, installation, sales, advertising or networking, please in the future include Mind Taffy Design in the RFQ [Request for Quote] phase of your electronic retail signage project.