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Mountain Forest Coffee: Design tasks included: website user interface design, digital image optimization and compositing, HTML5 programming, CSS Programming.

MyHDTVinc.com: My HDTV Inc. hired Mind Taffy Design to create their Mobile ipTV website; optimize the data footprint for ipTV new media content such as i3D and Digital Video Streams; create new media programming, using Java, CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, XML and Flash; User Interface (UI) Design and User Experience (UX) Design.

Agile Communications Systems: We created ACS an exceptionally data-compact XHTML website, using no plug-ins, no frames, no tables, and no javascript. The site runs 100% identically on all six major browsers (Safari, MSIE, FireFox, Opera, Flock, Google Chrome) and thus on every popular computing platform.

Pacific Digital: We were brought in to create i3D, 3D animation, multimedia product demos, User Interface Design, User Experience Design, and Tradeshow New Media

Grayehawke Entertainment Group: Mind Taffy Design was brought in to create: interactive 3D branding screensavers; website 3D graphics and UI design; content, image and video filesize optimization; XHTML, CSS, Java and JavaScript programming.

Ride-Guide.com: We were given a rough sketch of the concept for the RG logo and utilized FormZ 3D modeling software to create a 3D version of the brand logo, which we delivered as two corporate branding screensavers, in only 2MB each (934KB ZIP).

IcedGreenTea.com: Content designed for IGT included four interactive, animated, i3D Branding Screensavers for Windows, as well as the IGT website 3D user interface and data optimization. We also hand-coded the site using XHTML+CSS.

Immune One: We created an interactive 3D web UI using the molecular form of the arabinogalactica powder, central to their main product line. Click the Media Section menu item above to see a 3D rendering of a molecule which was used for the UI-UX.