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Mind Taffy develops all client multimedia content at print resolution. In this way, our clients have the extra option of using any artwork we create in their print ads, postcard mailers, posters or datasheets.

MAXCALL hired MindTaffy to come up with a brand campaign for bluetooth products using their WildLife message. We composited the product onto wildlife and then created fabric-based print graphics for their tradeshow booth. Samples shown here.

KDS USA hired Mind Taffy Design to create a series of twelve Virtual World Scenes for use in their tradeshows booth as 3D promotional posters introducing their new Visual Sensations HD Display Brand.

Print Media: Fabric Design

ViewMate Displays hired Mind Taffy Design to create the 3D graphics design for their computer display datasheets. The graphics were created in Autodesk 3DS MAX and Adobe Photoshop, and the text and graphics design were transferred into Adobe InDesign, to complete the entire datasheet and create CMYK color separations.

NIKKEN Diamond Distributor Team Feel Right hired Mind Taffy Design to create their rear-cover advertisement for the Nikken publication, which featured rendered 3D graphics, composited text and EPS 4-color separations. We also created their two-sided, glossy 3D Business Cards.