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We are currently establishing strategic partnerships in several emerging areas of new media content delivery, including 3D eBook Publishing, Interactive Television [iTV], Virtual Worlds, SmartPhones, PDA, HD DVD, Java7, JavaTV, JavaFX, ipTV, iDVD, TouchScreen, MultiTouch, e-Signage, Kiosks, e-Learning, Edutainment, Viral Advertising, BrandGames, i3D Product Marketing, Retail POS, POP, In-Store Promotion, Tradeshows, Augmented Reality, E-PR, EPK, Acrobat 3D PDFs, Virtual Worlds, Android Applications, MMOG, MMORPG, HTML5, WebGL and Digital New Media.

Oracle | Java 7 | JavaTV | JavaFX: Mind Taffy Design is a JavaFX developer partner for JavaFX 2.2 development environment. We will be providing JavaFX RIA (Rich Internet Application) new media content development and JavaTV iTV Application Development for advanced open source digital advertising campaigns for our clients.

Google | GoogleTV | Google Android : Mind Taffy Design is a developer for several of Google's open source initiatives, including GoogleTV for iTV applications, Google Android for SmartPhone, Tablet and eBook Applications, and Google+ for New Media.

Amazon | Kindle | Kindle Fire : Mind Taffy Design is a developer for Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire eBooks and e-Reader Applications, and is a Publisher of dozens of our clients 3D eBooks and 3D Applications on the Amazon eBook Store.

Mycosm | Virtual Worlds and MMORPG: Mind Taffy Design is a certified partner for Mycosm, a Virtual World and MMORPG development environment which we own a legal development seat of and beta-test for. We're working with the Mycosm CEO and CTO.

VastPark | Virtual Worlds and MMORPG: Mind Taffy Design is a certified partner for the Vastpark Virtual World and MMORPG development environment. Press Releases can be found on VastPark's website, as well as our certified developer listing.

Tyco ELOtouch | TouchScreen Digital Signage Displays: Mind Taffy develops touchscreen content for Tyco ELOtouch TouchScreen e-Signage Displays.