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Mind Taffy's Low-Bandwidth Rich Media Content Development harnesses the very latest technologies for mobile telephones, SmartPhones, iPhone, Google Android, OpenMoko, Palm Pre and similar wireless devices, including but not limited to: Mobile Game Content, RingTones, MP3s, ipTV, Screensavers, i3D, wallpaper, vibration (force-feedback), internal programming languages, XML, JavaFX apps and other powerful client-side rendered content. We are up to speed on the latest development environments including Java, BREW, Symbian, SmartPhone, MediaFLO, iPhone, Andriod, Flash, and a number of pending hardware technologies including OpenGL, which will yield compelling i3D new media for wireless and mobile phones using only a few dozen kilobytes of data footprint. Samsung hired Mind Taffy Design to create 16-bit optimized multimedia for it's mobile wireless "HandPC" shown below.

Nexio Mobile Wireless PC

RingTones are slated to become one of the hot new marketing and branding tools available on the cellular telephone platforms, with RingTones already outselling music in England, and Jingles being one of the more memorable branding experiences.

Mind Taffy is developing some of the most leading-edge mobile platform websites for our clients, and is currently creating an ipTV website for MyHDTVclub and an e-card site for CelCards.

To optimize streaming digital video for ipTV on mobile telephone networks requires the use of the proper codecs, production tools, knowledge of network bandwidth & data-packet-size, and optimal content production & optimization work processes.

The latest technologies to hit mobile phones (also know as SmartPhones) are i3D and TouchScreen (actually, Multi-Touch) technology. These must be accessed and leveraged via programming logic, and since code is very data-compact, and rendered on the mobile phone handset, these technologies also afford the largest amount of X!Factor for the smallest expenditure of bytes transferred over the mobile network.