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Mind Taffy Design Mobile Marketing Content exhibits all of the hallmarks of effective new media digital campaigns. The most important design factor for today's SmartPhone devices is the mainstream 320 by 480 pixel (medium resolution) screens. Mind Taffy also designs Android Apps for higher resolution 800 by 480 screens.

Mind Taffy Design is currently designing marketing websites that fit mainstream mobile screen resolutions "pixel perfectly," just as we have been doing for the display industry for the past two decades. Mind Taffy's Wallace Jackson is releasing a 500 page book on Android Programming in 2011 from Technical Publisher APRESS.

The next most important factor is data footprint, which is critical to the success of the new media on the mobile platform, and which is MindTaffy's strong point, as can be seen in the downloadable examples of our work on our JavaFX i3D website located at: www.JavaFX3D.com (See Links Page)