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SmartPhone Branding Campaigns are no longer a recent phenomenon in branding. Mobile Phone brand and advertising campaigns are here to stay, leveraging digital low-bandwidth new media. Cellular bandwidth is an even "tighter" digital fit than wireless or modem-accessed internet, due not as much to the cellular network hardware, bandwidth or compression technology, but primarily due to the massive number of simultaneous users. The Internet, Satellite, and Wireless networks, as they gain in popularity, will suffer much the same fate, and that is the primary reason that MindTaffy's trademark is not only the most impactive i3D designs and visual productions, but also the most data-compact client-side multimedia from any interactive content developer. There are a number of mobile phone branding "Vehicles," such as ringtones, games, e-mailcards, cameras, JavaFX, iPhone, Palm Pre, Google Android, i3D and ipTV are all enabled by today's SmartPhone technologies. Smartphones are true digital devices, with computer processing, memory, operating systems and truecolor VGA displays that give them a miniaturized subset of the capabilities that PDAs, UMPCs, laptops, netbooks and computers offer.

Companies will move quickly to gain competitive brand awareness advantages by developing rich media content that will leverage the viral (think "trading") nature of the mobile phone networks and their colorful new digital capabilities. Smartphones are here to stay, and phone-based brand recognition interactive media content will become mainstream if it's not already. The earliest firms to harness and leverage these digital technologies will garner the most benefit from them. These vanguard marketers will create unique, never before seen artistic implementations of digital media technology that will amaze and entertain the public in the name of their brands. Mind Taffy Design artisans have the content development know how necessary to leverage digital phone operating environments in order to create innovative rich-media branding campaigns. Mind Taffy Design is currently creating new media mobile branding content for CelCards, MyHDTVclub and InnerCityMedicine using Android, JavaFX, OperaMini, OperaMobile, XHTML, JavaScript and CSS new media programming.