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Mission Statement: At Mind Taffy Design, we strive to utilize the most stable and impressive digital computing and telecommunications technologies to promote our clients' business objectives. Deliverables include: iTV applications, web design, e-Learning, electronic press kits [EPK], digital signage, tradeshow multimedia, virtual worlds, product demos, marketing collateral, viral branding rich media, digital advertising, i3D MS Powerpoint Presentations, E-Books, Adobe Acrobat 3D PDFs, end-user training simulations, BrandGames, Advergames and edutainment content.

This requires that MindTaffy stay on the cutting-edge of rich media content, development tools, rendering technologies, web technologies, VR and programming environments, open source, data optimization, server, storage and content tracking solutions. We don't use "drag-n-drop" production tools, such as Dreamweaver and Flash, as they output a "data-heavy" result, and feature an "all too familar" look-and-feel. Marketing, Branding and e-Learning content should be hither-before-to unexperienced, not a clone of everything else that is out there. Zero Templates!

We deliver unique multimedia content using more than one digital file format [iTV, PDF, PPT, DOC, SCR, EXE, JAR, HTML5] allowing our clientele to leverage their rich media content investment across several different standardized formats, O/S software and hardware platforms, all while using industry-leading content delivery technology. We term this "Economies of Scale in Content Production," and we have always delivered our rich media creations to the client in the most cost-effective fashion.

Our work process and extensive digital media production experience affords us the flexibility necessary to "mold" our client marketing, branding and e-Learning objectives into their sleekest and most visually impressive form, leveraging the latest digital media technologies to achieve the highest level of interactivity within the smallest data footprint possible. The result of these production principles take the form of pixel-perfect succulent i3D creations and iTV applications that generate word-of-mouth marketing traction and, ultimately, withstand the test of time.