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Mind Taffy Design New Media Content Development yields brilliant visuals using only a few kilobytes of data overhead, making it a perfect match for the emerging Social Media marketplace. In today's digital society, profit margins are closely related to the cost of data transfer over networks, and this the high-impact low-data-cost of MindTaffy New Media Content allows our client to rachet up their digital bottom-line by an order of magnitude or even more.

Two of the most popular media types which Mind Taffy has been hired to create content in 3D for, and then data optimize to, are: 3D eBooks and iTV Programs, as eBook e-Readers and iTVs are the hottest selling consumer electronics devices currently. Another hot area is open source Java and Android, where Mind Taffy is also coding client apps for the popular Android OS and for over 3 Billion Java capable devices.

This section of our website will cover various types of new media which we create for our clients. These include media avenues that are currently "digitally savvy," and include: Internet Media, 3D eBooks, Virtual Worlds and MMOPRG, Media for Brand Marketing, Interactive 3D Multimedia, Interactive Television (iTV) Media, Digital Audio and Video Media, PDF EPKs, Smartphone Apps, 3D UI or UX Media, and Print Media.