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Mind Taffy Design Digital Marketing Wow!Factor allows our client marketing message to stand far apart from the crowd. Recently TYCO Electronics hired Mind Taffy Design to create their ELOtouch Systems Branded i3D HD TouchScreen Product Demonstration Multimedia Content, in the form of two 3D BrandGames, which were then utilized at industry tradeshows and product demonstrations. The brandGames played on Tyco's ELOtouch HD LCD TouchScreens using Microsoft Windows O/S.

The primary product marketing objective of this particular product demonstration i3D software was to demonstrate the high quality of TYCO's 24-bit LCD display in real-time, while showing the responsiveness of their touchscreen overlay technology. Hand-coded Mind Taffy Design new media content accomplished this objective, using the most advanced capabilities of the touchscreen (mouse or cursor drag operations), and kept the entire rich media product demo deliverable within a 2MB data footprint. The BrandGame features animated 3D gameplay elements, particle systems, and the WOW!Factor necessary to peak the public's interest in the product, as well as in-game brand logo placement reinforcing ELO's unique brand identity.

Leading-Edge Product Marketing can be accomplished via a wide number of proven new media digital technologies, including the Internet, virtual worlds, iTV applications, Android Applications, Acrobat 3D PDFs, in-store kiosks, e-Signage, 3D e-Books, e-Learning, tradeshow multimedia, i3D product visualization, EPKs (Electronic Press Kits), 3D AdverGames, RingTones, Smartphone Apps, Wallpaper or 3D Screensavers.