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KDS: We were hired by KDS to create the print and multimedia wow!factor graphics for their Visual Sensations brand launch and maintenance. We created 3D graphics imagery for posters, multimedia looping product demos, website user interface design, and even a Windows screensaver, which still works perfectly to this day, well over a decade later! A sample of this viral 750KB multi-animation Windows-2K/XP/Vista/7.0 screensaver can be downloaded from this website via 934KB .ZIP file.

KDS ScreensaverSamsung Nexio On-Unit Product Demo

Samsung Electronics America needed the 16-bit highcolor Nexio HandPC to look like it had 24-bit truecolor display. Since we approach media development using math, we were able to synthesize imagery that looked like true-color when displayed on a high-color display. This ability will be useful for content development for mobile phones, smart phones, iPhone, Blackberry, PDA and UMPC devices that utilize 16-bit and 18-bit color LCD displays. This can be experienced on our JavaFX3D.com website.

The Nexio product demos included looping 800x480 WVGA optimized graphics and product information screens, Windows CE wallpapers, an interactive 3D product demo that runs under popular browsers and an WXGA In-Store Product Feature Loop.