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SONY: Mind Taffy Design has created dozens of multimedia deliverables for various divisions within Sony, including (Mobile Electronics) Nav-U, (Consumer Displays Division) Trinitron, (Manufacturing Division) OEM, Branded Trinitron Displays, and MemoryStick. Multimedia UI and UX included On-Unit Product Demos for Nav-U and Trinitron (CRT, LCD and RPTV) brands, as well as i3D prototypes for MemoryStick and VAIO. 3D Product demos for Comdex 1999 that showed Trinitron display quality and features won Best of Show at Comdex 1999 and Best of Show at PC Expo 2000.

EPSON: MindTaffy Design created 21 high-rez LCD Projector product demos for Epson, designed around their Indy racecar theme. We modeled and animated the Epson racecar in 3D, created a 3D GUI, optimized digital photos, created 3D rendered imagery and LCD technology e-Learning diagrams.

Mitubishi Electronics of America: Mind Taffy Design created HD high-definition multimedia produt demos for Mitsubishi's 42" XGA Large Screen Presentation Displays, which were essentially the world's first digital signage displays. The 100% custom, new media e-signage software solution featured: 3D animation, morphing, special effects, product information screens, custom screen transitions, and photographic imagery which had been color-corrected to the product's gamma curve.

TEAC: MindTaffy artists created TEAC's SuperQuad multimedia product demos, showcasing the data transfer speed advantages (using rich media) of 4X over 2X.

EIZO: When NANAO USA became EIZO, Mind Taffy Design was the logical choice (as the New Media Producer for NANAO for the previous three years) to create the visionary, eye-catching "EIZO means VISION" animated 3D new media branding content for their vanguard international corporate brand identity campaign.

IIYAMA: Iiyama hired MindTaffy artisans over a decade ago to create XGA & UXGA multimedia content used to set their CRT displays far apart from the competition.