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Marketing on the Internet is a natural fit for new product promotion or demonstration, due to the large audience and mainstream digital media technologies accessible via browsers such as Safari, Flock, FireFox, Opera, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Add in modern hardware technology such as 3D graphics and HD audio common in every PC and SmartPhone, and you have an audience of millions of viewers with the real-time 3D processing power to easily run interactive 3D visualizations, 3D websites, 3D mobile content, i3D product simulations, virtual worlds, MMORPGs, i3D screensavers, mobile advergames and viral brandgames.

i3D Product | Internet Marketing Multimedia

i3D Internet Marketing can be accomplished via a number of mainstream i3D technologies, all of which tap into the OpenGL 3D rendering engine found in every modern computer and SmartPhone. By combining 3D (text) data with custom program logic, rich media marketing properties can be created which know no perceptible creative boundaries: ANY marketing, e-Learning or branding concept that needs to be visualized can be done so interactively, with data-compact and photoreal results. The high wow!factor inherent in i3D always results in a very high end-user "message retention" and virability (pass-along) if the content is well produced.

Mind Taffy Design has leveraged internet technologies and software for many major projects for the mainstream consumer electronics manufacturers, including Sony Electronics (Trinitron, Nav-U, MemoryStick), Samsung Electronics (Nexio), KDS, CTX, Epson, Mitsubishi, IBM, Dell, Micron and ViewSonic. The i3D product virtualization of the Proficient Audio product (shown above) was done in under 400KB of total data footprint and can be downloaded via the internet from our client's website.