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The World Wide Web represents the largest potential audience for a company's expansion of it's brand awareness. What's more, the viewers are often educated and technologically advanced, owning at least one computer, and connecting regularly with the internet, now via Mobile as well.

Since every computer over the past decade has come with i3D, audio, MIDI, and video hardware built right in, and now with SmartPhones featuring the same hardware (Mobile Phones today are essentially microcomputers), literally billions of potential customers possess the computing firepower needed to run cutting-edge interactive 3D multimedia over the internet. These viewers are now in place and ready to assimilate leading-edge digital brand campaigns that are webcast over the internet using new media content technology.

SONY hired Mind Taffy Design to create their "Trinitron Advantage" branding website, using the leading internet-based interactive 3D [i3D] technologies, including Cult3D, Shockwave3D (SWF), Java and 2.5D (animated GIF). Trinitron had just earned another Emmy award for Sony Trinitron display technology, and was facing rising competition from the LCD, LED, DLP, LCOS, OLED, D-ILA, and Plasma technologies. Trinitron needed an educational brand exposure that was unique and on the bleeding-edge of technology, and for this reason, Mind Taffy Design was hired on to create an i3D Shockwave-Flash website, as well as a cross-platform Java version of the website. All deliverables were hand-coded (Java and Lingo) and optimized to 384KB (Shockwave3D/Flash) and 512KB (Java and Cult3D), including all i3D, Digital Imaging, Text Content, Audio and Programming Logic. The website contained this edutainment content for over four years, until the Trinitron brand was subsequently retired.