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In-Store Digital Training Multimedia can lead to increased sales, as consumers learn how easy the product is to use, and how effective it can work when utilized correctly. Technologies like real-time 3D rendering can take customers down to the molecular level if necessary!

Mind Taffy's Trinitron Edutainment Shockwave Application took Sony's patented CRT technology down to the electron level, in order to educate retail customers on Sony's superior Trinitron CRT display technology and how it works it's technological magic. The stand-alone version of this Shockwave application can run on any counter-top using any computer from the past decade. A web-based 384K version of the Trinitron Technology Tutor can be opened in it's own SVGA window via the link to sample located at the bottom of this page.

Avatars such as the Aussie Cowboy shown here on the left can capture a customers interest, as well as helping end-users to navigate the product choices and rich media information resources. With media database technology, a stockpile (database) of one-liners and responses (ogg-vorbis audio files) can be accessed via XML and a virtually limitless vocabulary can be achieved. Combine the database with some clever programming code, and the interaction with the avatar becomes more real, and can almost become game-like, even a full training-game application.

Sony Digital-VS-Analog 'Eye Trainer' UI

The Key to effective in-store rich media is having a high amount of wow!factor within the content itself, this is done by leveraging a succulent 3D UI, attention-grabbing special effects and attractor loop animation, and having a clever use-of-operation delivered via flawless programming logic.