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MindTaffy's i3D Design skills harness the client-side hardware "power" of OpenGL and Interactive 3D to provide our clients with new media content production which knows no limits... Anything our clients can imagine, we can create, using custom program logic, i3D and special effects. Below is an i3D model of the Lewis & Clark cabin from Neville Log Homes, which was modeled, programmed, and texture-mapped using only 24KB of textual data! A Flash or DV fly-through of this same cabin would be 24MB (1000X more data), and would not be able to be reviewed interactively.

i3D Log Home

Product Virtualization for e-Learning is a perfect use for i3D Design, and our most recent i3D project virtualizing The Source, a product from Proficient Audio, for their Distributor, shows why this client-side technology is so compelling. Mind Taffy Design artists modeled, texture mapped, animated and programmed this product simulation in only three-eighths of one megabyte (384KB) for the most popular publishing file format, Adobe's Acrobat PDF. A 16KB front-back basic animation of the product created in 3D by MindTaffy is shown below.

i3D Product Demo

Proficient Audio's The Source shown at left in 3D, is an advanced home audio and home theater control module that has tons of digital features and was a perfect fit for the i3D capabilities of Adobe Acrobat 3D Professional. The i3D project features a custom 3D UI, product animation, interactive 3D, and 2D support graphics, all of which scale seamlessly within a viral .PDF file that is less than 400KB of total data footprint for all of the programming logic, e-Learning content, 2D imagery, 3D animation, User Interface (UI) and i3D.