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Mind Taffy's Interactive 3D [i3D] Content Development experience goes back more than a decade to the initial beta program for MetaStream i3D Technology from MetaCreations. This company later became Viewpoint Technologies, and yes, we are developers for their i3D paradigm to this day.

In fact, since the late 1990's Mind Taffy Design has mastered the leading i3D and virtual world development tools in the world, delivering high-end marketing and branding i3D content to our international branded clients while leveraging the very latest i3D technologies. These include, but not limited to: Cult3D, Viewpoint VET, XML, X3D, U3D, PDF, JavaFX, JavaME, Java3D, JavaSpeech, JOGL, Shockwave3D, SilverLight, Flash, XHTML, DHTML, Quicktime3D and Virtual Worlds and MMOPRG engines. We are also working closely with the developers of even newer i3D technologies in order to keep our international clientele on the very cusp of i3D digital marketing and branding multimedia production.

TYCO Electronics hired Mind Taffy Design to create the i3D branding touchscreen game for their recently acquired ELOtouch brand and product line, and we accomplished this using only 2048KB (two megabytes) of i3D, 2D graphics, program code, text and branding content. It was created in two themed versions; a Space Shooter and a Deep Sea Adventure. We also virtualized Sony's Trinitron technology using custom i3D content, virtualized Samsung's Nexio HandPC using i3D in under 8KB of total data footprint, and Proficient Audio's Source Keypad in under 400KB.

Interactive 3D rich media contentcan become invaluable for: e-Learning, product virtualization, technology visualization, end-user training, brand promotion, digital signage, edutainment, brandgames or advergames, e-commerce, e-mail campaigns, corporate marketing communications, electronic press kits (EPK), product configurators, i3D screensavers, Kiosk Content, Retail POS or POP new media, virtual worlds, MMOG, SmartPhones, Acrobat 3D PDFs, Google Wave, UI Design, and more...