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Welcome to the Mind Taffy Design cross-platform cross-browser website. This website is written in somewhat of a BLOG format, describing the types of digital new media content that we create, which clients we created it for, what objectives were involved, and which types of applications fit those digital rich media content formats.

The organization of this website is controlled via the top eight sectional headings (underneath the information header section). These sections outline the major functional areas within which we practice digital content production (marketing, branding, e-Learning, retail, and so on) as well as accessing corporate sections (Home), the Rich Media types supported, and, of course, our Client information.

Each of the eight sections of our website feature eight content stratified sub-sections, which are listed at the left side of the page. These change for each type of corporate objective (marketing, branding, training, etc.), and represent the types of digital new media deliverables that we undertake content development for on behalf of the client.

Upon entering this site, all menu links are black, as one visits the site sections, visited topics turn orange, to show which sections have been reviewed or visited previously.

This website is "printer friendly," and will not use a large amount of color ink, so print out relevant sections for boardroom meetings and for group review. This website will display on smaller (mobile) WVGA displays, but is more comfortable on XGA or SXGA. A mobile platform optimized 320x480 resolution version in currently in the works. The fonts used are large and easily readable, and the pageload times are very fast at 2 seconds per page, even via slower modem or wireless connections (average 8K page).

The website content is designed to show what we do, and whom we do it for, without "showing our hand" in regards to how we do it, as our work process, new media paradigms supported, and production tools and platforms utilized are key in new media content production. Enjoy your review of what we do, and who we do it for, and be sure to check out the LINKS section to go to examples of our work on-line.