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Mind Taffy's i3D Game Design work-process is designed to leverage the OpenGL 3D engine found in every Windows, Linux and Macintosh computer sold during the 21st century. Many PCs sold in the 20th century also contain OpenGL hardware from ATI or nVidia, and currently Game COnsoles, Mobile Phones, PDAs, SmartPhones, Netbooks and UMPCs have 3D hardware on-board as well, so we can deliver i3D AdverGames to all of these platforms, which represent billions of players and viewers.

Most internet viewers have PCs or SmartPhones that fully support 3D acceleration, but since many are not Gamers (i.e. they do not purchase and play game DVDs), this i3D processing power goes unutilized. Using i3D technologies such as Adobe Acrobat 3D PDF, Mind Taffy Design artists can harness the 3D processing power in modern computers to create i3D games that advertise, promote and brand products and companies. Using 3D hardware in the PC or Mobile Phone represents "client-side" new media rendering, so the end-viewer hardware is used to create the branded experience rather than the server. This is why the content data footprint (filesize) can be 1000X smaller than Flash or DV (if properly produced), because only text (code & data points) travels over the network, rather than pre-rendered pixels and frames.

BrandGames and AdverGames incorporate marketing and branding objectives into game objectives and gameplay in such a way as to maximize promotional objectives while making the game fun and interesting to play. With modern digital delivery avenues such as the Internet, mobile phones, CD, DVD, Screensavers, USB drives, PDAs, SmartPhones, e-Signage, NetBooks and E-Mail, advergames can be distributed along a number of interesting avenues to target exactly the audience you seek. Tyco Electronics hired Mind Taffy Design to create two HD i3D BrandGames for their recently acquired ELOtouch Brand, which we did in only 2MB of total data space for each BrandGame. These i3D games leveraged digital signage touchscreen technology in each of Tyco's HD multi-touch display products, while simultaneously showing the image quality and refresh rate of the LCD display to e-Signage industry customers.