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Mind Taffy Design's i3D EPKs, or Electronic Press Kits, put our clients on the leading-edge of new media EPK technology. EPKs are a valuable branding tool for our clients, because the new V10 Acrobat .PDF document technology supports new features that can put your PR Campaign into the future. Electronic Press Kits based on .PDF can now have interactive 3D (i3D) product simulations and brandGames, ipTV DV segments, Flash 11, User Interface elements, advanced features accessed via the Adobe Acrobat .PDF internal programming language, and even extractable viral new media components, such as viral screensavers and advergames. PDF files can even be password protected, using 128-bit encryption, so that content-sensitive, secure EPK offerings can be created and sent out to the intended audience only.

Why is Mind Taffy's content production work-process so well-suited to PDF-based EPKs? The reason lies in our ability to take new media content and make it look great in under a megabyte of total data footprint (filesize). Whereas most EPK offerings that one sees these days are between 10MB and 35MB, our EPK creations are one or two megabytes and look uncompressed. Additionally our EPKs feature Interactive 3D (i3D) new media assets that make the EPK interactive, immersive and memorable. Add to this our User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) production experience and you have an EPK that is viral because it is 512KB, interesting, exciting and leverages technologies that other EPKs cannot. With our content production and i3D Programming experience an EPK could even be (or contain) a Game!

Adobe Acrobat .PDF EPKs have the ability to be visually enticing, 3D and interactive all at the same time. A distributor of Proficient Audio's The Source product hired us to create an Acrobat PDF in 3/8 of one megabyte (384KB) that features a product showcase, e-Learning, diagrams, 3D User Interface and 3D animation all in one compact EPK PDF file! This PDF can be downloaded from the examples section of our website in just a few seconds, even via a modem connection. A view of the rear panel of The Source in i3D is also shown at the bottom left of this page.