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End-Users of your product often need to be trained in the use of the product in order to attain an optimal end-user experience while using the product. This is especially true of consumer electronics products, such as the Remote Control, VCR, Digital Camera, MP3 Player, Mobile Phone, PDA, SmartPhone, UMPC, Car Stereo, Netbook PC, GPS, Stereo, HDTV, Computer, Appliances, Power Tools, Projectors, etc.

Samsung Nexio Product Education 3D GUI

An excellent example of end-user training media is Samsung's Nexio product demo software that Mind Taffy created to show users what Nexio could do with its new media capability. The User Interface can be seen at right, and made exploration of the Nexio HandPC interesting as well as fun and informative.

Another example of end-user training on the Technology side of things is the Sony Trinitron product demo software that Mind Taffy Design created for use on the internet and at tradeshows. Functional 3D models of each component of the Trinitron Electron Gun Technology can be seen here on the left; these photoreal 3D parts became animated and interactive via programming logic written by Mind Taffy Design programmers, with the entire Shockwave3D rich media application optimized to just 384 kilobytes of total data (imagery, code, content) transferred over the internet.

Edutainment in many situations is an optimal way to educate your end-users about your product, as you are training the end-user while at the same time providing a fun, exploratory, immersive e-Learning experience. More in our Edutainment Section!