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MindTaffy Design's Edutainment Multimedia makes learning fun, informative, seamless, and interactive. We feel that successful e-Learning or training rich media needs to be visually and aurally stimulating, as well as fun to interact with. This will result in keeping the end-user's focus on the content, as well as maintaining the intensity of the interaction with the subject material, via the keyboard and mouse. Since our rich media apps are scratch-coded, the frequency of the user interaction can also be recorded, as well as the trainee's progress.

Dagger: 3D Rich Media

TraininGames, unlike brandGames or adverGames, have to keep score as well as tracking all the training data carefully, adding a layer of complexity onto the already complex i3D game code infrastructure. When trainees get good at the trainingame, and they realize they know the facts necessary to do their job effectively, they will continue to play the game, attacking new, higher levels of knowledge, usually for as long as the trainingame producers add levels of knowledge complexity to the game. A rich media application such as this can solve employee knowledge level problems quickly and painlessly (or even via fun).

Mind Taffy Design can take your training materials and make a rich media training application that runs in several different playback environments, including on the web, as a PDF, Screensaver, or as a stand-alone application on any PC, on a CD, and we can even deliver rich media training materials via a DVD, complete with animated menu system and game-like program features. DVD delivery allows training via any standard home entertainment DVD player or a PC with a DVD drive.