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APRESS. Wallace Jackson is currently an Android Book Author for Apress in the technological areas of programming JavaSE for SmartPhones, Tablets and GoogleTV.

NetWorld Alliance. Wallace Jackson is currently a Contributing Writer for NWA in the technological areas of Digital Signage, i3D, iTV, Kiosk Content Design and Networking.

Multimedia Producer Magazine. Wallace Jackson began writing for MMP in the early 1990's, when he was approached to write an article on microprocessors for the MMP Siggraph insert. That was followed by numerous product reviews and articles relating to multimedia production tools and iTV technology. MMP merged into AVVideo.

AV Video Magazine. AVVideo was the sister publication of Multimedia Producer in the early 1990's, and covered multimedia production tools and techniques. After the merger with MMP, Mr. Jackson wrote for AVV/MMP for several years before the magazine downsized and eventually closed it's brand due to the Great Recession.

3D Artist Magazine. Articles and product reviews for 3D Artist focus on emerging 3D products and techniques, and over the years, ongoing coverage of 3D modeling, animation, special effects, production software and iTV programming techniques. Sadly, 3DA closed it's doors due to the relatively small number of 3D artisan readers.

Desktop Publishers Journal. Mr. Jackson wrote for Desktop Publishers Journal in the 1990s, covering desktop publishing and multimedia content, including digital video, 3D animation, 3D modeling, digital imaging, digital paint, JavaTV & iTV design.

CrossMedia Magazine. CrossMedia covers the convergence between new digital mediums and content production tools. As Mind Taffy Design pushes the cutting-edge of content deployment using digital technologies, writing for this magazine was a fit.

Kiosk Magazine. Wallace Jackson wrote articles for Kiosk on UI Design, Digital Imaging, Digital Video Production & Effects, Digital Audio, 3D Animation, 3D Programming, Content Authoring, Content & Data Optimization, JavaFX & iTV.