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Mind Taffy Design's HD Digital Signage Experience serves to ensure that our client's investment in an expensive e-signage network infrastructure is maximized.

Impactive Digital Signage Multimedia

The most critical element to the quality of any given digital signage experience (besides the multimedia content itself) is the display that the multimedia content is viewed upon. Over the past 18 years (since 1991) Mind Taffy Design has created dozens more product demonstration software deliverables for the display industry than any other content provider, providing hundreds of multimedia deliverables to dozens of top-tier HD display brands and manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Epson, IBM and Christie.

Modern Day Display Technologies such as LCOS, D-ILA, OLED, Plasma, FED, LCD, LED or DLP Projection all have specific physical display capabilities, such as resolution, gamma curve, contrast ratio, brightness, and color-depth. Mind Taffy Design engineers and produces media content in such a way as to maximize each of these technical specifications, making content appear more photoreal. In addition to attention-grabbing new media content desired by the client, MindTaffy also optimizes content resolution and data footprint to fit network data transfer rates, maximizing the client display network bandwidth investment. We also produce User Interfaces for Set-Top Boxes that fit the on-board memory space.